Marrakesh Menara International Airport

Marrakesh Menara International Airport RAK morocco

Marrakesh Menara airport is an ultramodern airport in the capital of Morocco. The airport was conceived with growth and expansion in mind. The look and feel of the terminal design gives one a feel of the interior of a mosque with stylized mosaic designs n the exterior and huge archways inside.
Marrakesh Menara airport is the tenth busiest airport in Africa. The airport served over three million passengers in 2012. The runway is designed to accommodate planes as large as a Boeing 747 and has parking space for four Boeing 747s and 14 Boeing 737s.

Marrakesh Menara International Airport , cab morocco
Marrakesh Menara International Airport , cab morocco

The two terminals have essentially become one complex over time. A third terminal is under construction. The airport receives daily flights from all carriers from every European nation, most of the Middle East, and carriers in Morocco. The airport has regular carrier traffic, small engine transport and shuttles, and can accommodate helicopter flights. Most flights to Marrakesh Menara airport from the United States, Canada, and Asia require a transfer in Casablanca. Casablanca is a 45-minute flight from Marrakesh.

The terminal in Marrakesh Menara airport has duty free tobacco shops, souvenir shops, and gift shops. There are several excellent cafes and restaurants that offer the best in local cuisine, local pastries and familiar fast food restaurants. The coffee is a must try item. You must exchange your money for Moroccan Dirhams. The terminal has two exchange services. It is advisable to check the exchange rate before you travel so you get the best trade for your currency.

Hotels near RAK
The Four Seasons Resort, Riad Kniza, and the Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa are the most recommended luxury accommodations in Marrakesh. The Riad Kniza is particularly interesting as an 18th century hotel that has all the modern comforts but offers authentic old Moroccan spa treatments and cuisine.

The Guest House Riad Amira Victoria, Moroccan House Hotel Marrakech, and Guest House Dar Vedra are more moderately priced hotels that offer all the conveniences tat most travelers expect.

Marrakesh Menara airport is your gateway to a really different world. The combination of cultures made this the go to place in the 60s and it still is a must see for the food, shopping and just the experience. Marrakesh, Morocco (RAK) is located at Ménara, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco.

Menara airport is a major transit hub for people and cargo in Morocco. The city of Marrakesh is one of the most ancient cities in Morocco.

The Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa, Riad Kniza, and the Four Seasons are considered to be the best five star accommodations in Marrakech. Comfort, service, and location near the most popular attractions are the most frequently noted qualities of these hotels.Some of the less expensive hotels in Marrakesh that offer the advantages of location and high quality service include Riad Matham, Les Jardins de l’Agdal Hotel & Spa, and the Riad Signature. There are over 1,100 hotels in Marrakesh so planning where to stay depends on what you want to see and do.

The airport is an international destination that sees cargo and passenger traffic from Europe, the United States, parts of Africa, and the Middle East. The majority of the four million passengers that visited Marrakesh in 2013 flew Air France, British Airways, easyJet, Delta, Kolavia, and Lufthansa. The city is still a major vacation destination for Europeans. There is no direct service to Menara from the United States so transfers must be arranged in Europe, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia.

Menara airport is a completely modern facility. The overall design is reminiscent of the columns that support many mosques and Muslim palaces. The merging of French and African cultures is apparent in the variety of restaurants in the airport and the number of shops that offer local crafts and gifts as well as gifts from many European countries. Tobacco is a big deal in Morocco and the airport can provide you with some of the finest tobacco in the world.

People go to Marrakesh for the climate and the atmosphere. The souks (outdoor shopping centers) offer a shopping experience that is internationally renowned for variety and as an experience. Palaces, mosques, tombs, the city walls, and gardens are some of the most frequented tourist spots. The more adventurous tourist can take a camel to the ocean or the Atlas Mountains.

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