Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport

Being built by the US during World War II, Casablanca Airport played an important role in the whole continent that served US Air Force. Nowadays, it still the most important airport of Morocco and belongs to top 5 busiest airports in Africa. The airport is named after King Mohammed V of Morocco who brought independence to his country by successful negotiation with France. Its flight network consists of around 100 destinations worldwide with more than 30 airlines currently operate. Over 8 million passengers travel to and from the airport annually, the majority of whom are to Paris (more than 1 million), Jeddah and Istanbul. The busiest routes include Paris, Jeddah, Agadir, Dubai and Marrakech. That number is growing continually that the airport is under construction to increase its capacity. There are several choices of airport transfer including train, bus and taxi.

Travel in Casablanca

No matter you travel there to follow movie moments of classical love or to enjoy Mediterranean sunny weather, it would be a great experience for you. The most populous city of Morocco is the house of approximately 3.6 million people. Besides the famous beach, there are a number of beautiful buildings in the city. The King Hassan II Mosque with breath taking architectural details is a must-see. You can also visit the ocean neighbourhood where beautiful resorts can be found. If you are looking for an authentic market, Quartier Habous is the destination of traditional colourful pieces of fabric and unique souvenirs.

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